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Anti Slip Flooring

FibreGrid's SlipGrip range of anti slip flat sheets are the best solution for slippery floors. The SlipGrip anti slip flooring sheet range is highly durable and excellent quality, reaching the highest standards in safety for your premises. Ideal for commercial, industrial or public premises, the SlipGrip floor sheet range has an option for all applications and substrates.

FibreGrid offer two types of anti slip flat sheets - Fibreglass (Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP) anti slip floor sheets, or self adhesive anti slip flat sheets.

SlipGrip Flat Sheets are the most durable option for your premises. If you are looking to solve a slippery flooring problem in an area of heavy foot or vehicle traffic, then SlipGrip Heavy Duty Flat Sheets are the ideal solution. SlipGrip Heavy Duty GRP flooring is made by pultrusion through a steel die rather than the hand lay-up method, making it extra hardwearing and durable. Our GRP flooring is an ideal alternatively to checker plate flooring in that it remains anti slip in all weather conditions.

For those looking for a cheaper option, SlipGrip Standard Flat Sheets are ideal for light to medium traffic areas.

SlipGrip Self Adhesive Flat Sheets are the ideal solution for light traffic areas. Easy and quick to apply, they may also be used for temporary solutions or where budgets are low.