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SlipGrip Step Edge Repair - 10kg

SlipGrip Step Edge Repair instantly repairs concrete and sets in only 10 minutes. You simply mould to the shape of the concrete you are fixing and it hardens to a tough finish which will last for years.

Stock Code:SGSER10KG

Why Choose SlipGrip Step Edge Repair?


  • Mouldable, putty-like consistency - ideal for forming curved step nosings, kerbs, balustrades and other moulded stonework and concrete.
  • Very easy to apply - just add water, mix and then mould to your substrate.
  • Very quick to set - initial set takes just 10 minutes, and just 60 minutes for full set.
  • Suitable for steps, kerbs, balustrades, & stonework.
  • Incredibly heavy duty due to its fibre reinforced composition.
  • It can set at temperatures as low as 5°C, so can be applied all year round
  • Any unused powder can be stored for future use.



  • 10kg gives approximately 5 litres of Step Edge Repair which covers 1.2m² at 5mm thick. Step Edge Repair can be applied up to 100mm thick.

Primer Required

  • No.

Interior or Exterior

  • Both.


  • Curved step nosings and kerbs, balustrades and other moulded stonework and concrete.

Curing Time

  • An initial set of approximately 10 minutes at 20°C and needs to be applied within this time. The product sets hard after 60 minutes at 20°C and strength will increase over the next few days.

Minimum Application Temperature

  • 5°C.

Surface Preparation

  • Ensure that the area is clean, dry and free from loose and friable material, ideally using a wire brush. Grease or oil should be removed using our SlipGrip Standard Degreaser.

  • SlipGrip Step Edge Repair should be applied to damp (not wet) concrete if possible. Pre-wetting the surface before application aids the adhesion of the repair.

  • The temperature of the substrate should be above freezing.



  • Remove the bag of powder from the plastic bucket and use the empty bucket or other suitable container for mixing.

  • A measuring cup is provided to help ensure the correct powder to water mix ratio is obtained. The mix ratio is 7 parts powder to 1 part water. For every full measuring cup of water, fill the measuring cup with powder 7 times.

  • Put the water into the empty bucket or container and gradually add the powder stirring constantly to achieve a putty type mix. Only mix small quantities at a time as the product is quick setting and needs to be applied within 10 minutes of starting the mixing process. You can mix with your hands, but ensure you wear disposable gloves.

  • As the product forms a mortar, mould it with your hands until a putty like consistency is achieved. Do not mix more than you can use within a few minutes (5-10 minutes at 20°C). The remaining powder can be stored for future use.



  • Push the putty mix into the step repair area by hand (wearing disposable gloves) or using a trowel. SlipGrip Step Edge Repair can be levelled to a smooth finish or formed into a straight/rounded edge as required, wetting the trowel with water helps achieve a neater result.

  • SlipGrip Step Edge Repair has an initial set of approximately 10 minutes at 20°C and needs to be applied within this time. The product sets hard after 60 minutes at 20°C and full strength is achieved after only 2 hours. Temperatures below 10°C will delay the curing process. As a guide, allow 24 hours when applied at 5°C. Do not apply at temperatures below 0°C.

  • Cleaning of tools - remove excess with a cloth or scraper and wash with water before the product sets.

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