British Petroleum Case Study


British Petroleum ordered and installed over 1000 lengths of FibreGrids ladder rung safety product RungGrip.

RungGrip is the ideal solution for new or existing ladders. Replacing old ladders due to potential slip hazards is an option but can be very costly. With RungGrip, there is no need to replace any part of the ladder, it simply fits over the existing rungs and is securely bonded in place.

RungGrip is a pre-formed fibreglass profile that has a bonded carbon grit surface, providing the ultimate slip resistance in whatever conditions. The fact that the contact point for the foot is completely square and not rounded means that it also provides much surer footing. RungGrip comes in any colour, however, yellow is the stock colour.

“We are aware that BP takes health and safety very seriously and we are very proud that they chose the RungGrip product as a safety enhancement to their ladders.”




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