De Montfort University Case Study


Slippery decking is a major safety issue throughout the year but more so during the winter months. Our Anti Slip Decking Strips have provided a solution to this potential safety hazard at De Montfort University in Leicester for a main contractor.

FibreGrid’s 50mm wide chamfered edge strips were installed around the campus on decking areas that had recently been laid. The potential slip issue was made worse by the fact that the decking did not have any grooves on the top surface to offer some traction underfoot.

In dry weather the area did not generally cause any concerns but as the weather turned there was huge potential for slip accidents.

The stone coloured strips were chosen to allow for the strips to blend in with the substrate but still provide the all important slip resistance underfoot. The strips come already predrilled so the installation was completed in just one day over a weekend allowing the area to be put back into service on the Monday.

FibreGrid’s Anti Slip Tactile Paving, corduroy tiles were also installed at the top of the staircases.



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