Joddrel Street Footbridge


Network Rail commissioned Sisk (Rail) Ltd for the repair and upgrade of a dishevelled footbridge located at Joddrel Street, Nuneaton. Rotting wood and rusted steel provided an unsightly walkway, with graffiti disfiguring the walls.






FibreGrid GRP products were used to replace the original wood and concrete staircase, unsafe walkway decking and the main wall panels.

Specific safety concerns applied to the design of this project. The walls needed to be high enough to prevent falls from height, while the deck had to be level to prevent any trip hazards. The staircases also needed to be level and to provide anti-slip properties. The use of Fibregrid GRP was favoured, as the properties of this material provide a long life of maintenance free use, an important quality to ensure the prolonged service of this asset.

Products supplied by Fibregrid were a Pultruded T5020 section, with the addition of a 6mm plate bonded to provide a continuous surface; the specification adhered to Network Rail design loads. The main staircase risers were also formed from T5020, with the addition of a plate and box section to meet the design criteria, fabricated off site for ease of installation. The Staircase screen was required to be robust and to have a long service life, this being produced by utilising non-gritted Fibreplank in this innovative application.

The project was completed by Sisk in just 6 weeks, working alongside sub-contractors Future Rail.