Queen Alexandra Hospital Case Study


We installed our warm to touch FibreRail handrail system at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

The FibreRail modular handrail system which is made from a strong steel core with a 5mm PVC coating to provide the all important ‘not cold to touch’ Building Regulation requirement, was fitted to the entrance steps at the hospital over a 2 day period.

The steps are accessed by staff and members of the public and are important to provide access to the hospital area. The handrail was supplied in the grey colour along three rows of 10 metre lengths. The unique ‘End Bend’ fitting was used at both the start and end sections to provide an easier grab point for members of the public.

FibreGrid’s Installation Manager Paul Abbott said “Whilst this was only a small job, it was more problematic than it first appeared because the substrate was not deep enough to accept a fixing. Therefore we had to dig out each fixing point and use a postcrete type material to provide an adequate fixing point”.



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