Success At Holmes Chapel Viaduct Improvement Scheme


Holmes Chapel viaduct ranks as one of the largest brick structures in Britain, having 23 semi-circular arches, each with a span of 18 metres and resting on three metre by eight metre piers. It reaches a maximum height of 25 metres to the parapet and it has a length of 520 metres.



(Image of Fibregrid's GRP handrail standing proudly on viaduct)


As part of Network Rail’s Railway Upgrade Plan the Grade II listed viaducts at Holmes Chapel and Peover - two of Cheshire’s most well-known architectural landmarks - received a full makeover, including the removal of water stains on the walls, brickwork repairs, waterproofing & GRP handrail.

The viaduct is a listed bridge so all works had to be in keeping with the design and architecture of the current structure. Fibregird’s standard colour handrail (light grey or yellow) was not suitable so a bespoke black colour handrail was chosen by the client because it is less noticeable from a distance.

1045 linear metres of GRP handrail was installed in a 6 night possession on successive Saturday nights which included eight skilled labourers working 4-5 hour shifts per engineering possession.

FibreRAIL is expertly engineered to use the fewest number of handrail components of any system available facilitating an easier, faster installation. FibreRAIL provides the look and performance of a custom made handrail system in an easily assembled, cost effective package.


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