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Square Mesh Grating

Our Standard and Heavy Duty grating panels are the strongest on the market. Both are constructed using the best quality materials, and are designed to take extremely heavy loads. Our Standard Grit Top Grating is ideal for most applications including service risers and areas with medium to heavy foot traffic. If you need grating for harsh environments with heavy to extreme foot traffic, then our Heavy Duty Embedded Grit Top Grating is for you.

Please note - Standard and Heavy Duty refer to the grit on the top of the grating, not the grating strength itself.

  Standard  Heavy Duty
Grit Type: Post Cure ExtremeCore® Embedded
Guarantee: 10 Years 20 Years
Ideal For: Vertical service risers, factory floors Oil rigs, chemical plants, coastal applications
PTV Test Reading Dry: 69 71
PTV Test Reading Wet: 65 56
Traffic Level: Medium - Heavy Heavy - Extreme
Prices From: £32.50 (ex VAT) per sqm £43.50 (ex VAT) per sqm
Fire Testing: Class 2 Class 2
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