Customer Tests FibreGRATING With Hydraulic Press





One of the key benefits of FibreGrid's GRP Grating panels is the high strength-to-weight ratio. A customer decided to run our 38mm GRP Grating though a hydraulic press test and show us the results.

The grating was fully supported and a 150mm x 150mm x 12mm steel plate was used to act as the load. The customer pushed the test to 10 tonnes and the grating "showed no sign at all of giving way!".

The customer is planning on testing our 14mm Mini Mesh Grating and a 60mm off-cut using a bending load also.


This was definitely a unique customer story and we loved hearing from him!



Why choose FibreGrid's GRP Grit Top Grating?

  • Impact resistant - our GRP grating has high energy absorption and can be repeatedly knocked without causing permanent damage, unlike steel which will buckle under impact (by a bump from a forklift for example).
  • Lightweight - from just 12.3kg per square metre, you don't need any heavy lifting gear or specialist equipment to install our GRP panels - a two-person team can easily complete the job. Our GRP grating has a much higher strength to weight ratio than steel and many other materials.
  • Chemical and rust resistant - our chemical resistant resin means our grating can be used in the toughest conditions such as oil rigs, chemical plants and coastal applications.
  • Very low maintenance - our grating is easy to fit using our Grating Clip Sets and easy to clean, making it a much more versatile alternative to steel grating.
  • Non-conductive - our grating is radio frequency transparent and sound absorbent, making it suitable for a variety of environments and applications where radio frequency may be a factor. It is also non-magnetic, meaning it's suitable for areas where magnetism is an issue.
  • Fire retardant - our grating has been tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 7 and meets the requirements of class 2 (certificates available on request). Unlike steel, there is no danger of sparking if metal objects are dropped on the grating. This also means you do not need a hot works permit when cutting our GRP grating. Additionally, our grating contracts and expands a great deal less than alternative materials in extreme temperatures.



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