August 2020 Question


What is PTV and how does this relate to our products?

PTV is the abbreviated term for Pendulum Test Value. The Pendulum Test measures the dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF). It is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, as this is the point at which most slips occur. The Pendulum Test works in both wet and dry conditions, producing two separate results. For example, our Standard GRP Grit Top Grating has a PTV reading of 67 for dry and 65 for wet.

Understanding the pendulum test values


The PTV table above relates to pedestrians walking in a straight line on a level surface. For other activities or inclined surfaces, the table figures will either increase or decrease.


Interpreting the results

When the test is operated properly, the test values should be interpreted as shown in the bullet points below. PTV slip probabilities if straight walking on a horizontal surface are:


  •    PTV of 20 indicates a 1 in 2 probability of a slip 
  •    PTV of 24 indicates a 1 in 20 probability of a slip 
  •    PTV of 27 indicates a 1 in 200 probability of a slip 
  •    PTV of 36 indicates a 1 in 1 million probability of a slip 


The majority of our anti slip products have been accurately tested and have a PTV test value. These can be seen in data sheets which can be easily found on our product pages.