December 2019 Question



It’s that time of the year when the barbeque is out and you take advantage of the sun on your home’s back garden decking. Although, when the weather turns, you do not want that decking becoming a slip hazard. A common concern that many people have, is when wet, decking becomes very slippery and can be a dangerous thing to have in the garden unless well prepared. FibreGrid offer two easy and cheap solutions in the form of Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips, as well as an Anti Slip Deck Coating.


Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips

Our best solution to slippery decking is the Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips, due to the ease and speed at which they can be installed. With the addition of pre-drilled holes and fixing screws, simply screw into your existing timber decking. It can then be walked on immediately, minimising disruption and is ready to provide 70 PTV when dry and 65 PTV when wet.



The Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips come in two lengths, 1200mm and 2400mm and in widths of 50mm, 90mm and 120mm.




Anti Slip Deck Coating



The ease at which it can solve a slippery decking is a key feature of the Deck Coating. It can be applied with a short roller or a standard brush, both of which can be purchased from FibreGrid.A more subtle solution to prevent slippery decking is our Anti Slip Deck Coating. With this easily applicable coating, it already has an aluminium oxide grit mixed throughout so there is no need to sprinkle additional products on top. It is abrasion resistant and can resist chalking, weathering and fading and in dry conditions can be applied in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +30°C.