July 2020 Question


Anti Slip Floor Paint: Which one is right for my flooring?

FibreGrid produce a wide variety of anti slip paint coatings, from an extremely durable two-pack epoxy resin for floors that suffer through heavy vehicle traffic, to the SlipGrip Step & Ramp paint, which is so powerful it is recommended for maritime use, right down to the one-pack commercial anti slip paint for low foot traffic areas. All our paints have been through the rigorous pendulum testing, and all have pendulum test values classified at least "low slip potential" even in wet conditions, whilst most of our paints are rated "extremely low slip potential".

Our range has 6 different types; Anti Slip Floor Paint, (Standard & and Heavy Duty) Step & Ramp Paint, Asphalt Car Park Paint, Line Marking Paint and Deck Coating.

SlipGrip Standard Anti Slip Floor Paint

Our SlipGrip Anti Slip Floor Paint is a satin finish anti slip concrete floor paint that is easy to apply. It is ideal for low to medium traffic areas. Easy to apply - our one-part anti slip paint is ready to use straight from the tin. Can be painted straight onto the floor using a roller or paint brush, and dries within 12 hours.

Our Standard Anti Slip Floor Paint are is ideal for internal concrete floors in warehouses, garages, showrooms, factories, schools – anywhere that needs brightening up.

SlipGrip Heavy Duty Anti Slip Floor Paint

Our SlipGrip Heavy Duty Anti Slip Floor Paint has a unique formulation. This is because it is not one of those conventional anti slip finishes where you have to sprinkle grit into the wet paint. It has pre-blended particles that actually help people and vehicles get along easier, whilst still doing its primary function of providing a safe floor. Easy to apply, this epoxy resin is very hard wearing, chemical resistant and virtually solvent-free and odourless.

Suitable for - medium to heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Ideal for internal concrete floors in warehouses, garages, showrooms, factories, schools.

SlipGrip Step & Ramp Paint

Our SlipGrip Step and Ramp Paint is our most slip resistant anti slip paint, providing a heavy duty and extremely effective solution for slippery slopes, steps and ramps. With a PTV reading of 65, our SlipGrip Step & Ramp Paint is ideal for providing extra traction in areas of constant foot or wheeled traffic. Can be applied to - concrete, sand, cement screed, concrete with under floor heating systems (up to 30°C surface temperature), galvanised metal, bare metal, stone, and previously painted surfaces.

Our SlipGrip Step and Ramp Paint is suitable for floors, steps, ramps, walkways and loading bays.

SlipGrip Anti Slip Asphalt Car Park Paint

Our SlipGrip Car Park Paint is a flexible, anti slip coating which transforms and brightens up asphalt, tarmac, and bitumen. It offers a good degree of slip resistance with just one high build application. Excellent resistance to UV and weathering - colours, protects from fading and waterproofs in just one coat

Ideal for - asphalt, bitumen and tarmac surfaces such as car parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, roads, disabled bays and pedestrian walkways.

SlipGrip Line Marking Paint


Our SlipGrip Line Marking Paint is used for painting demarcation lines on concrete or asphalt. It's chlorinated rubber blend means it can withstand high levels of vehicle or foot traffic in both internal and external environments. It is also formulated to withstand a slightly damp environment, will resist showers after only an hour, and can even be applied at 0°C.

Ideal for - private roads, car parks, industrial floors and school playgrounds.

SlipGrip Anti Slip Deck Coating

Our SlipGrip Anti Slip Deck Coating will significantly reduce the slip potential of decking and other underfoot timber products. It is urethane alkyd-based resin thinned with white spirit and contains aluminium oxide aggregate. It is available in 5L tin and is touch dry in 2-4 hours.

Ideal for - home decking and low traffic commercial areas such as restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and hotels.

At FibreGrid our paints can be used on a variety of surfaces including concrete, wood or steel. For more information on our Anti Slip Paint range call us on 01440 712722 or click here.