June 2020 Question



Why is our EdgeGrip range a cost effective way of solving slippery steps?


Our EdgeGrip range has 4 different anti slip nosings; EdgeGrip StandardEdgeGrip Heavy DutyEdgeGrip Aluminium and EdgeGrip Safety Glow - all are cost effective ways of solving slippery steps. Our Standard has a 5 year guarantee and the Heavy Duty 10 years. This is proof we know it will last as long as other anti slip products such as stair treads.


Our Stair Nosings start from just £4.95 per stair nosing, and can be used in place of our Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers to cover the edge of a step - the area of the step most people slip on. And with a 5 - 10 year guarantee, our Stair Nosings will last just as long, meaning you won’t have to replace your nosings any sooner than if you were to use our stair covers.

Our EdgeGrip anti slip stair nosings have been developed as a long term solution to the obligations set by the Disability Discrimination Act Part III and in particular, the sections relevant to the partially sighted. In order that the obligations are satisfied, all stairs accessible by members of the public should have a contrasting coloured nosing fitted to the step edges and in addition, such nosings should provide a slip resistant top surface.





An example of an organisation who had our EdgeGrip Standard Anti Slip GRP Stair Nosings installed at their premises is Asda. At a new Asda superstore in Surrey, we installed our EdgeGrip Standard on all the fire escape staircases leading from the multi-story car park to the shop entrance. See below for the before and after photographs.


Further details on the Asda installation can be found here.