November 2021 Question



Where can FibreGrid's range of GRP Anti Slip Flat Sheets be applied?



Our range of Anti Slip Flat Sheets provides an effective and easy to install anti slip floor surface; suitable for a variety of substrates and situations.

FibreGrid’s flat sheets are an extremely cost effective, low maintenance and long term flooring system for both indoor and outdoor use. The flexibility of our flat sheets allow for easy installation using adhesive and mechanical fixings; keeping downtimes minimal.

We offer a free cut to size option for our flat sheets, or they can easily be cut on site. They can also be pre-drilled- just be sure to let us know the required measurements.







An affordable and versatile anti slip flat sheet flooring, suitable for all budgets. Their tough, chemical resistant surface makes them the ideal solution to slippery floors and walkways; for both commercial and industrial locations.

Our Standard GRP Flat Sheets are 4mm thick (with grit), with standard colours of Black, Yellow and Stone.

Ideal for ramps, walkways, fire escapes, landings, mezzanine floors and areas of medium foot traffic.

Standard width: 1200mm

Standard lengths: 800mm, 1200mm, 2400m

 from £30.40 per sheet







Heavy Duty Flat Sheets are a long-lasting and highly durable fibreglass flat sheet, utilising our ExtremeCore® grit to provide excellent slip resistance and a hard wearing surface- twice as hard wearing as the industry standard.

Our Heavy Duty Flat Sheets are 5mm-7mm thick (with grit), with standard colours of Black, Grey, Yellow and Stone.

Ideal for marina walkways, warehouse floors, disabled access ramps, factory walkways, as well as entrance areas to retirement homes, schools and council buildings. Available in internal and external grade.

Standard width: 1200mm

Standard lengths: 800mm, 1200mm, 2400mm.

 from £60.18 per sheet






Flexible Flat Sheets are ideal for low trafficked areas or where less flexible sheets are not suitable, such as undulating walkways and ramps or surfaces that are not perfectly flat. They are applied using adhesive alone, making them extremely easy to install.


Our flexible flat sheets are only 1mm thick, providing a very low profile and minimising the risk of a trip hazard. Due to its low profile and high flexibility, it can be moulded to suit the shape of the floor.

Available as standard in Black, White or Yellow, in a 600mm x 600mm tile or 2400mm x 1200mm sheets.

Ideal for undulating walkways, ramps, door entrances, around dangerous machinery, low trafficked areas and surfaces that are not perfectly flat.

 from £7.88 per sheet







Our Self Adhesive PVC Sheets are a perfect semi-permanent solution for a low trafficked slippery area. They can be cut to shape using just sharp scissors, and applied by simply peeling back the adhesive backing and push into place.


These are extremely flexible sheets and can be folded at 90° without cracking. Their flexibility also allows them to mould to the shape of the floor, while their low profile lowers the risk of trip hazards.

Available as standard in Black, 1000mm x 1000mm sheets.

Ideal for use as a temporary solution to a small, slippery area or around dangerous machinery.

 from £19.00 per sheet