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Which Anti Slip Stair Product Is Right For Me?



At FibreGrid, we understand how vitally important it is to prevent potential injuries from occurring due to poorly marked and protected steps and staircases. We have entire product ranges designed and suited for reducing the chances of slips, trips and falls in these areas.

Our GRP Anti Slip Stair Treads and Nosings are our most durable solution to slippery steps; eliminating slip issues in varying environments, from public areas to industrial and commercial premises. They are Disability Discrimination Act compliant, providing a contrasting coloured nosing for the visually impaired, as well as a slip resistant surface.

Our various designs and colours can suit virtually any staircase, whether indoor or outdoor, high foot traffic or low. All of our GRP Stair Tread Covers and Nosings can be cut to size up to 3 metres, free of charge (this excludes our Precision Aluminium Stair Tread Covers).



Anti Slip Stair Tread Covers

FibreGrid’s Anti Slip GRP Stair Tread Covers are the most durable solution to your slippery stairs. Made from fibreglass reinforced plastic, our SlipGrip® range is made by pultrusion through a steel die as opposed to the hand lay-up method.

This means the thickness is consistent throughout the length of the product, and it’s more rigid and resistant to expansion, making it ideal for high footfall areas.





Our Stair Treads cover the majority of the walking surface of your steps, and the look can be complemented with our Riser Plates.

The SlipGrip® Stair Tread range covers all levels of foot traffic. Our Standard Stair Tread Covers are ideal for less heavily used staircases such as fire escapes, whereas our ExtremeCore® Stair Tread Covers are for very heavily used staircases such as ones found in public train stations.

For a more aesthetically pleasing Stair Tread Cover, look at our SlipGrip® Precision Aluminium GRP Stair Tread Covers. The combination of aluminium and resin inserts is not only exceptionally durable, but also visually attractive.





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Anti Slip Stair Nosings

Our GRP Stair Nosings are an affordable and versatile solution for slippery steps. They can be used in place of Stair Tread Covers to cover just the edge of a step – the area of the step most prone to slips.

GRP Stair Nosings are still DDA compliant, without compromising the original look of the stairs.

FibreGrid’s Standard GRP Stair Nosings are perfect for staircases with medium foot traffic such as spiral staircases and fire escapes.





Our Heavy Duty GRP Stair Nosings are suited more for staircases with high levels of foot traffic, such as schools, hospitals and sports stadiums. Heavy Duty Stair Nosings are available in two grades for internal or external use – fine and coarse.





As with the Stair Tread Covers, we have a more stylish alternative in our Aluminium Stair Nosings. These are powder coated aluminium stair nosings suitable for internal applications, without sacrificing anti slip properties or durability.





For staircases situated in low-light areas, we can provide a specially designed ‘glow-in-the-dark’ stair nosing. Our Safety Glow Stair Nosings use glow-in-the-dark resins that absorb light during daylight hours, and emit it at night for up to four hours.





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For any questions or to arrange a cut to size service, call us on 01440 712722, where our friendly and experienced sales team can advise you on your requirements.