September 2021 Question



What are the advantages of using our GRP Pultruded Profiles?



Our GRP Pultruded Profiles are often used in conjunction with our GRP Grating to create heavy duty constructions such as working platforms, walkways, stairs and other pultruded fabrications.

Made from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin, our GRP Profiles are a fantastic alternative to traditional steel profiles, and can be used in almost any construction situation, with many benefits over steel.


From small service risers, to large platform structures.

One of the key benefits of using GRP Profiles, is they do not require a hot works permit to cut, and can be cut using standard cutting tools. So whether you’re installing these for a large structure, or need precise sizes to fit a service riser, you won’t have any delays or problems with cutting.






Advantages over traditional steel

Our GRP Pultruded Profiles are both lighter and cheaper than traditional steel without sacrificing strength and structural soundness.

Unlike wood and steel, our GRP Profiles are resistant to rot and corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting structure requiring no maintenance.

Additionally, if your installation is in an area exposed to chemicals, high temperatures or an electrical current; our GRP Profiles are the perfect choice, as they are resistant to a multitude of chemicals and are non-conductive.

Our GRP Profiles are also electro-magnetically transparent, and therefore can be installed near locations such as cellular communication towers without causing interference.



Standard Profile shapes

Our standard structural Pultruded Profile shapes include a square (or “box”) tube, equal angle, unequal angle, I beam, H beam, and C channel.

Each shape is available in a number of dimensions to suit a variety of design and application requirements. Any RAL colour available is subject to extended lead times and minimum order quantities.

If our standard shapes are not suitable for your needs, custom profiles can be created (with an extended lead time) – simply contact FibreGrid to discuss your requirements.






GRP Platforms

FibreGrid not only supply GRP Profiles, but our project management team is available to help design and install pre-engineered composite platforms; combining the use of profiles, grating, handrails and ladders, tailor made to suit your needs.

Our pre-engineered composite platforms serve as a cost effective solution to expensive, bespoke structures made from more traditional materials such as steel, which are often unsafe, difficult to clean, and costly to ship and install.

FibreGrid’s pre-engineered solution is available in a variety of heights that address most standard clearances and meet relevant British Standards.




You can purchase our GRP Pultruded Profiles online, or over the phone on 01440 712722, where our friendly and experienced sales team can advise you on your requirements.