FibreGrating Mini Mesh Grating

FibreGrid's FibreGrating GRP Mini Mesh Grating is ideal for areas that need to obstruct objects falling through, or areas of foot traffic where heels may be caught on standard sized grating.

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Why Choose FibreGrating Mini Mesh Grating?


  • For fabrication, bulk and larger orders - please call for pricing.
  • FibreGrid offer a cut-to-size service if the stock sizes aren't suitable for you. FibreGrid also offer bespoke covered top or phenolic grating, for more information or to place your bespoke order, please call 01440 712722.
  • Lightweight - our mini mesh grating is light enough to be manoeuvred without heavy machinery - two people can easily carry a panel. Our GRP grating has a much higher strength to weight ratio than steel.
  • Anti slip - our grit top grating reads a PTV value of "extremely low" on the slip rating set out by the UK Slip Resistant Group Guide 2002. We also offer the option for embedded ExtremeCore™ Grit for increased performance - please call 01440 712722 for more information.
  • Chemical resistant - constructed using high grade chemical resistant Isophthalic Polyester resin, our GRP grating is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and also includes fire retardant additives and a UV inhibitor. Other resin systems are available including phenolic resins for increased fire retardant. If you require different resin systems, please call 01440 712722 to discuss your requirements.
  • Suitable for wet environments - our GRP grating makes an excellent alternative to timber, steel or aluminium in that it doesn't rot or rust when put in contact with water.
  • Suitable for all temperatures - our GRP grating is non conductive and contracts and expands significantly less than metal wood or plastics. Other features include - non magnetic, sound absorbing and radio frequency transparent.
  • Variety of sizes, types, RAL colours and resin systems available. For free samples and to create your bespoke order, please call 01440 712722 and our experienced sales team will be more than happy to help.
  • Extremely durable and maintenance free.
  • PTV Dry 71, Wet 63.

NB. Orders of 3 panels or more will be despatched on a pallet or similar. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that there is suitable off loading.

How to Install

  • You can install our Mini Mesh Grating easily and quickly with our Grating Clip Sets. These can come complete with nuts, bolts and washers.



  • Ensure that the area is clean, dry and free from loose and friable material.

  • Dry fit all Grating panels to ensure that they fit freely and that they sit flat down on to the surface. If required, panels can be trimmed on site to suit using an industrial jigsaw and appropriate cutting blades (Bosch “T101 A1F” or similar are ideal).


Grating Clips Application

  • M' Clips (TwinGrid) are used for drilling down your grating into place. Set out where you will be positioning your grating clips. These should be in every corner of the grating panel, and then every 500mm inwards around the rest of the grating. Push the clips into the open mesh squares so that the clip sits neatly on the load bar, and the base of the clip is sitting close to the bottom of the grating panel.

  • Fixing down directly onto a substrate - if you are fixing directly into the existing surface, pilot drill through the hole in the clip and into the substrate then fix using the appropriate screw and plug.

  • Fixing down onto a support frame- if you are fixing into a support frame you will need to drill through the frame and then put through bolt fitting and tighten the washer and nut underneath the frame.

Technical Data Sheet

Mechanical Data Sheet

Pendulum Slip Test Results



FG Sizes (see diagrams 2 and 3 in the products images):

  • FG12 = 30mm depth, 20mmx20mm mesh hole size, 6.4mm load bar thickness
  • FG18 = 14mm depth, 20mmx20mm mesh hole size, 7mm load bar thickness

Approx. Weight:

  • FG12 = 18 kg's/sq.m
  • FG18 = 10.5 kg's/sq.m


  • Standard stock colours are black, grey, stone & yellow. We can also manufacture in any BS or RAL colour, please call 01440 712722 to place your bespoke order.

Prices shown are excluding VAT. If you are ordering 10 or more panels, please call 01440 712722 for savings on delivery cost. Please note this is an all day courier delivery service and is not guaranteed. Please refer to point 6 of our terms and conditions for full details.


Panel Size United Kingdom Mainland
30mm depth x 3007mm x 1007mm £35 per panel
14mm depth x 4007mm x 1007mm £30 per panel
14mm depth x 4047mm x 1247mm £35 per panel


Panel Size *Highlands and Islands
30mm depth x 3007mm x 1007mm £60 per panel
14mm depth x 4007mm x 1007mm £55 per panel
14mm depth x 4047mm x 1247mm £60 per panel


Panel Size **Europe Zone 1 & Northern Ireland
30mm depth x 3007mm x 1007mm £55 per panel
14mm depth x 4007mm x 1007mm £50 per panel
14mm depth x 4047mm x 1247mm £55 per panel


* Highlands and Islands include - the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. ** Countries included in Europe Zone 1 - Southern Ireland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands & Belgium. For all deliveries outside Europe Zone 1, please call 01440 712722 to place your order.