April 2020 Question



What other FibreGrid products are there to make the workplace safer?


There are many ways that you could potentially damage yourself and/or property in a working environment, whether it’s driving a forklift or carrying heavy goods. You will want to ensure any risks are minimised and FibreGrid offers a variety of solutions. Below are examples of 3 ways that the working environment can be made safer.


1. Corner Protectors


Our high-density rubber corner guards provide a visual warning of corners on walls that if left unprotected could cause serious damage to vehicles. They are made with a reflective black and yellow hazard strip which stands out visually to warn drivers of an unseen corner and offer some impact protection if needed.




2. Speed Bumps


Our heavy duty PVC speed bumps are made from 100% recycled heavy duty material and have pre-molded fixing holes. They also include contrasting colours and cats eye reflectors to improve visibility in bad weather and at night. They are ideal for places where speed restriction is necessary e.g workplace car parks, construction sites or housings estates.




3. Warm-To-Touch Modular Handrail


Most workplaces have exterior stairs or a walkway that when wet or icy, could create a serious slip risk. In order to counteract this, we recommend the exceptionally strong FibreRail modular handrail. Our FibreRail meets the requirements set by the Disability Discrimination Act and is ideal for a variety of applications. It is constructed from exceptionally strong fibreglass material and has PVC ‘warm to touch’ coating that has been designed with Building Regulations in mind.




4. RungGrip Anti Slip Ladder Rung Covers


Climbing ladders is potentially a very dangerous task, However, Our Anti slip grit surface RungGrip will make climbing much safer. RungGrip enhances ladder safety by enlarging the surface area for foot contact and friction. It is constructed from durable chemical resistant fibreglass and comes in a variety of lengths and sizes to fit most ladder rungs. RungGrip is capable of withstanding the busiest of environments and will resist attack from corrosive fluids transferred from the sole of the boot.




5. GRP Access Ramp


Access ramps are vitally important to those with a mobility disability. Our GRP Access Ramps are made from fibreglass and aluminium are essential for overcoming physical barriers at your premises for disabled persons.