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July 2022 Question



Why choose our Standard GRP Grating?


Our Standard GRP Grit Top Grating is a high performance open mesh flooring system, made from high quality GRP (glass reinforced plastic). With prices starting from just £86.00 per panel, it is a cost effective anti slip alternative to traditional steel grating.

It is produced by weaving continuous glass fibres vertically and horizontally into a mould. This creates an integral, one-piece panel which offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as bi-directional strength.




Our GRP grating has a high energy absorption, thus it can be repeatedly knocked without causing permanent damage, unlike steel which will buckle under impact. Our standard grating is also fire retardant(tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 7 and also meets the requirements of Class 2), chemical and corrosion resistant, and with its 10 year guarantee, this makes it perfect for a variety of applications from vertical building risers and cooling towers, to walkways and railway crossing points.




Last but not least, the installation process is not as time consuming as you might think. You can install our Standard GRP Grit Top Grating easily and quickly with our Grating Clip Sets. These come complete with nuts, bolts, and washers. Subsequently, our standard grating is Lightweight - at only 12.3kg per square metre (25mm high) and 19.5kg per square metre (38mm high), you don’t need any heavy lifting gear or specialist equipment. A two-person team can easily complete the job.