October 2020 Question

What is DDA compliance and how does it relate to our products?

DDA is an abbreviation for Disability Discrimination Act Governmental -  Law & Legal.  The objectives of the Disability Discrimination Act are to make it unlawful to discriminate against persons with a disability in connection with employment, the provision of goods, facilities and services or the management of premises. The legal requirements of the Act affect the majority of existing commercial and public building occupiers.


Places used by the public include:

  • Public footpaths and walkways
  • Educational institutions
  • Shops and department stores
  • Banks, credit unions, building societies
  • Parks, public swimming pools, public toilets, and pedestrian malls
  • Cafes, restaurants, pubs
  • Theatres and other places of entertainment
  • Libraries
  • Sporting venues
  • Social and sporting clubs
  • Government offices
  • Public transport including trains, buses, ferries, boats, ships and planes
  • Hospitals



What is expected under Disability Discrimination Act?

Every area and facility open to the public should be open and available to people with a disability. They should expect to enter and make use of places used by the public if people without a disability can do so.
Examples include:

  • Accessible at the entrance and inside
  • Facilities should be accessible (wheelchair-accessible toilets, lift buttons within reach, tactile and audible lift signals for people with vision impairments)
  • Rather than being confined to a segregated space or the worst seats, all areas within places used by the public should be accessible to people with a disability

It should be noted the DDA does not require the provision of access to be made if this will cause major difficulties or excessive costs to a person or organisation. This is called "unjustifiable hardship". However, at FibreGrid, we are UK’s leading supplier of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) anti slip flooring, decking, stair tread covers and grating so ensuring our products are DDA compliant is always at the forefront of our minds.



Our products are not only DDA compliant. Below is our quality statement which outlines other safety provisions we take:

All products supplied by FibreGrid are manufactured in strict accordance with The American Bureau of Shipping Quality Assurance Certification criteria. Certificate Number 47970 is available for inspection upon request.
FibreGrid are also an ISO 9001 certified company, a certification that recognises FibreGrid's commitment to an exceptional standard of quality and service.
All grating products have been tested in accordance with the ASTM E84 Tunnel Test Method and achieved a Class 2 flame spread rating and are constructed using either Isophthalic, Phenolic or Vinyl Ester resins.”

Our SlipGrip range is DDA compliant, Building Regulations compliant, and available in a wide range of colours and grades.

Click here to see our full SlipGrip range or click the video below to watch our video about SlipGrip.